Elderberry Benefits

For anyone feeling sluggish or a bit “off the mark,” here’s a quick pick-me-up guaranteed to make you feel better. The combination of Elderberry and Vitamin C is a great way to start any day.

Elderberries are small black or blue-black berries from a species of shrubs and small trees. Elderberry was originally used in traditional Native American communities to treat fever and rheumatism. In Europe, Elderberry has been used for centuries for its health-promoting effects. Elderberries are known to have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. These properties promote vascular health and suggest they reduce cardiovascular disease. Elderberry liquid concentrate is available in most health food stores, such as Food For Thought (here in Wichita), or Whole Foods (located in most larger cities).

The main reason I use Elderberry concentrate is because of its antiviral properties and extracts that are reported to ward off colds and influenza. Combining Elderberry with Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system, which keeps me healthy and feeling good year-round.

After eating breakfast in the morning, combine about one-half cup of water, two teaspoons of liquid Elderberry Concentrate, and one teaspoon liquid Vitamin C. The Elderberry is a bit bitter and the Vitamin C is extremely sweet… so they work well together and don’t taste too bad when combined.

The benefits you’ll receive are a strengthened immune system, which results in renewed energy, allergy control, less chance of catching a cold, and regularity. This Elderberry mix is a great way to start the day to keep you thinking clearly and going strong the whole day through.

Strive to be healthy!

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