Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Due to endometriosis, I had a hysterectomy prior to age 40. I came out of surgery with an estrogen patch in place. The patch stuck directly to my skin and slowly released the estrogen my system needed. Researchers think HRT patches may be less risky than estrogen pills because of the way they work. The patch medication is delivered through the skin and does not pass through the liver like pills do.

The patches worked for almost one year, but then I began having skin irritation around the patch site. The area would get red and swollen and itch like crazy. Before long, it was impossible to continue with the patch due to discomfort. And if I scratched the site, often the patch would come loose and fall off. This was getting expensive and not giving me the correct dosage of medication. I was told I had developed an allergy to the adhesive used in the patch. Very simple solution – we tried another patch. Within two months, the same thing began to happen.

While visiting Innerworks Holistic Health Center, I asked about other HRT options. I received information on troches, which are a small square disk, like a lozenge that comes packed in a plastic dispenser as shown at the right. One troche is placed between the cheek and gum and absorbed through the oral membranes. These troches are compounded, or put together, by a pharmacy and can be tailored to a person’s specific needs. There are three ingredients: Bi-Estrogen, Progesterone, and DHEA, which can be calibrated into a formula best for you. (Estrogen pills are available in different milligrams and you must find one closest to your individual needs). The troches have worked great for many years now, warding off hot flashes and keeping my hormone levels constant.

If you currently take an estrogen pill and are interested in a change, be sure to ask your health care provider about patches or troches. Both are great options to the standard form of HRT and may work better for you and BE better for you.

Strive to be healthy!

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