Cats and Tin Foil

There are differing opinions as to whether tin foil deters cats or not… but I have found it to be true, especially if your cat is scenting inside the house. For instance, if your cat is unhappy with an odor or smell on the side of your couch, he or she may think it’s appropriate to place their scent in that spot. If you cover the area with tin foil, the cat should refrain from scenting there. Or, if your cat has chosen a place on your carpet it likes to use for a litter box, when there is no litter box present, clean the area thoroughly and cover with tin foil. This again should keep the cat from urinating in that area.

The “non-believers” in this method state cats will still walk on tin foil, which is true. What they don’t like is the sound of urine hitting the tin foil. They may still walk around the area or be interested in the tin foil, but they should quit scenting and using inappropriate areas for a litter box. To also help with this problem, be sure you have plenty of litter box space for your pet. If a litter box is too small, or multiple cats share a litter box, you run a greater risk of having issues. Always use one individual litter box per cat and separate them a bit. We all know cats like their privacy… well, anyway…

Strive to be healthy!

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