If you’re looking for one thing to change in your life that will help you feel better by this time tomorrow…make a plan to drink more water. You’ll be amazed at all the healthful benefits of water. And you know what? It doesn’t cost you a cent, is easily accessible, and the results are immediate.

I’m going to share with you some top reasons for increasing your intake of water today:

1. Losing weight: Yes, water can help you lose weight because it flushes down the by-products of fat breakdown. Water also helps you feel full so you’ll eat less at mealtime… and is completely calorie free. Clothes shopping anyone?

2. Remedy for Headaches: Yes, water will help relieve headaches. Very often, dehydration is a common cause of headaches; increasing your water intake will keep you hydrated and possibly get rid of that annoying headache. How about a game of tennis?

3. Healthy Looking Skin: Yes, water replenishes skin tissue, moisturizes skin, and increases elasticity. Can you say healthy glow?

4. Brain Power: Yes, the brain is made up of mostly water, so hydrating will help you concentrate and remain focused. Are you thinking an A on that exam?

5. Better Workouts: Yes, water will regulate your body temperature and help fuel your muscles, helping you feel more like exercising. Okay, more clothes shopping?

6. Digestion and Constipation: Yes, water helps your entire system work more smoothly. Relieving digestion and constipation issues will improve your life overall. Shall we walk around the block?

7. Leg cramps: Yes, water will decrease leg cramps by lubricating joints and muscles. Especially if you suffer from leg cramps during sleep… hydrate during the day and you’ll be amazed at the difference. Thinking of sleeping six hours straight?

8. Respiratory and Sinus Ailments: Yes, water will help keep your system clear and decrease lung and sinus congestion. Water helps to liquify congestion so it’s free to be flushed out. Are you breathing easier?

9. Relieves Fatigue: Yes, water will help flush out toxins and waste products from the body. When your organs have to work hard to do this, it causes you to feel exhausted. Give them a little help and you’ll have more energy. Possibly a new workout plan?

It’s a well-known fact. Increase your water intake and improve many areas of your life. Not sure? Try it for one week and feel the difference.

Strive to be healthy!

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