WATER AEROBICS by Vickie Kline

If you’re interested in a form of exercise that’s enjoyable and easy on the muscles and joints, you should consider water aerobics. This form of exercise is especially good if you have arthritis or knee problems. When no other form of exercise works, this is an option for almost everyone.

Water aerobics is described as a traditional workout in a swimming pool. The water adds resistance and makes the workout feel more intense, while at the same time, cushioning you from the impact. This form of exercise is great for developing or maintaining muscle tone because water is 12 to 14 times thicker than air and offers resistance in every direction.

If you wear out easily during normal exercise, know water aerobics has a low exhaustion factor. The water creates a gentler medium, but is still harder to pull through than air. Water aerobics is especially effective if you’ve been injured or are in physical rehabilitation. A person weighing approximately 160 pounds will burn almost 300 calories during one hour of water aerobics. A person weighing 180 pounds will burn about 350 calories. To burn even more calories and use your time better, you can experiment using water weights and noodles, giving you even more resistance and a stronger workout. And water aerobics is a peaceful form of exercise that makes you feel wonderful.

Most likely there are classes available in your area in an indoor or outdoor pool. So, what are you waiting for? Have some fun in the water and burn off those calories. You’ll be glad you did!

Strive to be healthy!

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