I don’t know what made my husband try this in the first place… it’s one of those questions I’ll never know the answer to. And, maybe it’s better that way… just sayin’.

He cleans his eye glasses with effervescent denture tablets, the kind that fizz and make all kinds of bubbles. Use a glass large enough to hold the eyeglasses. Fill the glass with water, place eye glasses in, and then drop in a couple of tablets. The fizz and bubbles will clean your glasses until they sparkle. My husband has used this on metal and plastic frames. (The only time it is not recommended is if you have special coatings, such as, anti-reflective treatments or prescription sunglasses).

After considering this, I was curious and did more research on denture tablets. Here are additional recommendations from Reader’s Digest:

1. Has your diamond ring lost its sparkle? Drop a denture tablet into a glass containing a cup of water. Follow that with your ring or diamond earrings. Let it sit for a few minutes. Remove your jewelry and rinse to reveal the original sparkle and shine.

2. Fresh flowers often leave a ring on your glass vases that seems impossible to remove no matter how hard you scrub. Here’s the answer. Fill the vase with water and drop in a denture tablet. When the fizzing has stopped, all of the mineral deposits will be gone. Use the same method to clean thermos bottles, cruets, glasses, and coffee decanters. (Maybe this concept is why it works on eye glasses…)

3. Hard water leaves mineral deposits in the tank of your electric drip coffeemaker that not only slows the perking but also affects the taste of your brew. Denture tablets will fizz away these deposits and give the tank a bacterial clean-out too. The tablets were designed to clean and disinfect dentures, and they’ll do the same job on your coffeemaker. Drop two denture tablets in the tank and fill it with water. Run the coffeemaker. Discard that potful of water and follow-up with one or two rinse cycles with clean water.

4. Looking for a way to make the toilet sparkle again? Porcelain fixtures respond to the cleaning agent in denture tablets. Here’s a solution that does the job in the twinkling of an eye. Drop a denture tablet in the bowl. Wait about 20 minutes and flush.

5. Stains on enamel cookware are a natural for the denture tablet cleaning solution. Fill the pot or pan with warm water and drop in a tablet or two, depending on its size. Wait a bit — once the fizzing has stopped, your cookware will be clean.

6. A slow drain got you down? Reach for the denture tablets. Drop a couple of tablets into the drain and run water until the problem clears. For a more stubborn clog, drop 3 tablets down the sink, follow that with 1 cup white vinegar, and wait a few minutes. Now run hot water in the drain until the clog is gone.

Pretty interesting, huh? I’m always amazed at the many ways a product can be used. I love the idea of using denture tablets in many areas of my life and hope I never really need them for dentures!

Strive to be healthy!

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