LET’S TALK LEMONS by Vickie Kline

I love the smell of lemon – the natural fresh scent is immediately identifiable and makes us think of cleanliness and outdoors. So, how many ways can you use a lemon? Here are some ideas that possibly you haven’t thought of:

Using lemons to make your hair shine: When I was younger, we used lemons as a natural hair lightener. We’d spray it on our hair and go outside for added highlights in the summer. But, lemons will also give your hair extra shine by removing all the build-up and residue from shampoo and hair products. Mix one-quarter cup lemon juice in one cup water.

Shine your copper or brass: Mix one-quarter cup of table salt with just enough lemon to make a paste. Apply the past to your tarnished copper or brass items. Leave the paste for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash with warm tap water and rinse very well. Use a soft cloth to buff dry. If any tarnish remains, repeat the process.

Relieving constipation: Instead of reaching for store-bought laxatives, use lemon juice as a natural laxative with no side effects. Mix two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice in an 8-ounce glass of water. Drinking this in the morning when you first get up will regulate your digestive system.

Get rid of grease: Using a mixture of lemon juice and tap water will clean counter tops and appliances and make them look like new. Pour one-quarter cup lemon juice in a spray bottle, then fill with tap water. Shake to mix well and then… grease, be gone!

Disinfect: This works especially well on cutting boards. After dicing onions and finding the smell is hard to get rid of… simply wash the cutting board and then spray lightly with pure lemon juice. Rinse well and allow the cutting board to dry thoroughly. The onion smell will be gone, as well as any lingering bacteria.

Removing stickiness: Have you ever pulled a sticker from an item and the sticky sensation remained on your hands? I’m sure you can think of other scenarios too. Well, scrub your hands with a mixture of lemon juice and table salt. This will leave your hands feeling fresh and the sticky mess will be gone.

Silencing a cough: Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with half a teaspoon of honey. This will coat your throat and soothe the rawness and calm your cough. Repeat in 30 minutes if needed.

If you have other uses for lemons, please don’t hesitate to share. I’d love to pass on your ideas…

Strive to be healthy!

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