As I progress in my search for a healthful lifestyle, I keep looking for ways to overcome challenges without relying on medication. In a previous blog, I wrote about using Nasosympatico for nasal congestion, which works very well. If, for some reason, this doesn’t work for you – there are other options: such as Sinus Saline Irrigation. It sounds much worse than it is…

There are several variations of sinus irrigation systems, from very simple to more sophisticated. I opted for a simple set consisting of a plastic bottle and saline packets from Walgreens. The packets are pre-measured saline powder that is placed in the plastic bottle and filled with warm water. Okay, here’s the unusual part, but don’t be discouraged because it really works. You insert the top of the bottle slightly into the nostril and squeeze. Amazingly, the water makes its way through the sinus cavity and comes out the other nostril, clearing the path of mucous and congestion. There are instructions with the system that help you through the first time. Afterward, you blow your nose to remove any excess water. This system helps moisturize nasal passages and keeps your sinuses clear. I sleep better at night using this.

There is another system called a Neti Pot. It works the same way, but looks like a mini teapot. Again, it helps flush the sinuses to reduce congestion and relieve pressure and headaches. Sinus irrigation systems also flush away irritants and build-up in the nasal cavity that can lead to infections. So, you may be healthier using an irrigation system on a regular basis.

Strive to be healthy!

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