MACA ROOT by Vickie Kline

maca rootI recently heard about Maca Root from several sources and thought it would be good to find out more about it. I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to based on the information I found.

Maca root powder is the most common form and comes from the maca root. This root is reddish like radishes and is a plant from the Cruciferae family. Maca root is an immune system booster and reduces stress, which helps increase our bodies natural resistance. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B12, and C to maintain proper functioning of the heart, cell growth, and production of red blood cells. Anytime you increase your intake of B vitamins, your mood will be better too. With regular use of maca root powder, you may also notice these benefits:

  • increased energy
  • increase of endurance
  • alleviation of chronic fatigue
  • increase of fertility
  • relieve of menstrual symptoms
  • reduce of hormonal disorders during menopause
  • regulation of hormonal balance in the body
  • reduce of stress
  • improvement of memory, mental and academic abilities
  • providing the skin a youthful look

Currently, there are not harmful side effects associated with maca root powder. Although it is recommended that anyone suffering from cancer not take maca until further testing has been completed. It also is not recommended for women who are pregnant or using medications to increase fertility since it impacts hormones.

If you are interested in a natural way to feel better and increase your energy level, consider maca root.maca powder

Strive to be healthy!

Images courtesy of Azure Green and Superfood Spotlight

This information is not intended to diagnose or cure any medical problem. Always consult your physician before using any natural health remedies.

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