dark circles eyeI have worked for years to rid myself of dark circles under my eyes. I was told they were caused by allergies… and if I treated my allergies successfully, the dark circles would improve. Well, my allergies are much better these days with only an occasional flare-up. But, guess what? The dark circles are still present. (The picture to the left is an exaggeration, but it’s how I feel sometimes).

I’m always on the lookout for something new to try, that’s not of the cosmetic variety. I have very sensitive eyes and need to be careful what I put in or around them. Otherwise, I’ll not only have dark circles, but red rims and swelling too. Anything of the natural or homeopathic route catches my eye (pun fully intended!).

I haven’t tried this yet, but am going to as soon as I get to the grocery store and get some parsley. I’ll report on the results later. Here’s the recipe:

Brightening Eye Mask:

1 small handful of fresh parsley and 2 TBSP plain yogurt

Place the parsley and yogurt in a food processor and pulse until formed into a smooth paste. Apply the mixture generously to under eye area. Rinse after 20 minutes with lukewarm water. This smells wonderful and feels very refreshing

Parsley is rich in vitamin K, and when applied topically, reduces blood flow to the eye area. The blood flow in the eye area is a key factor in dark circles. Over time, the fatty layer of skin under your eyes thins out and makes the blood vessels more visible. Their slightly bluish color is what creates the illusion of circles underneath the eyes.

Information shared courtesy of Be Nourished By Nature

Image shared courtesy of Dark Circles Under Eyes


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