mosquitoes_187x154I believe most of you are hopefully reaching the end of mosquito season… but here in Kansas they are still healthy, hearty, and as big as a small bird. My husband and I recently took a vacation to get away from them.

Many people aren’t bothered by these nasty creatures, but I am not as lucky. Mosquitoes are drawn to me like moths to a flame. Once they bite me, I get huge, red welts that are bothersome enough to keep me awake at night. I am usually forced to make a choice whether I want to take part in deck parties and outside activities, or stay inside where it’s bug-free.

Thankfully, I found a solution that works for me. A tip for the next time you plan to be outdoors, and would rather not be a smorgasbord for mosquitoes. Lemon spray. Yep, it’s fairly simple.

I posted previously about placing lemon-scented plants, such as, lemon balm, lemon grass, and lemon verbena, on and around a porch or deck area to help keep mosquitoes at bay. When thinking about this, I wondered what would happen if I actually put the lemon scent on me? Would it be even more effective? I decided to give it a try.

lemon zum mistI found the perfect product in lavender-lemon Zum Mist. The mist is promoted as an aromatherapy room and body mist and it smells lovely. So, I tested it all summer long and actually had friends test, as well. It works.

The beauty of this mist is that 1) it’s made from 100% pure essential oils, and 2) it doesn’t interfere with my respiratory sensitivities. (Many sprays designed to ward off flies and mosquitoes cause me to wheeze and cough). The only down-side I’ve found with Zum Mist is it doesn’t last very long. This means I carry it with me and re-spray often. After spraying, I watch the mosquitoes fly close to me and then back-off. It’s wonderful!

Zum Mist also makes a lemon grass spray, but it didn’t seem to work at all. There must be something about the combination of lemon and lavender that works. I don’t know what part of the world you live in, but you should try this if you’re in an area that has a problem with mosquitoes. Be bite-free, itch-free, welt-free, and smell good… all at the same time.

Strive to be healthy.


Chigger and Mosquito Season…

I’ve read reports stating with the warm winter we had, mosquitoes and chiggers will be in fine form this spring and summer and ready for action. Many recommendations tell you to remain indoors to avoid bites or wear clothing that fully covers your body, but what kind of fun is that?? With a little planning, there are things you can do to avoid the annoying, itching bites of chiggers and mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are attracted to floral or spicy scents, such as, perfume, hair products, soap, etc. If you’re planning to spend time outside, plan ahead and try using unscented products and no perfume or after shave before you head outdoors. Mosquitoes are also attracted by sweat. If you work or exercise outside, dry yourself off regularly to cut down on insect attraction.

There is a product available that works well too. It is called BADGER Anti-Bug Balm. (Available online or in natural food stores). This is a natural product containing essential oils, olive oil, and beeswax. If I use a bit around my ankles, it keeps chiggers away and from moving up my legs. I also place a small amount around my shoulder and elbow areas to discourage mosquitoes. I carry a small tin of bug balm in my purse so I’m always prepared.

If you find yourself outdoors unexpectedly without bug balm and experience bites, ibuprofen will help after the fact. As bites become itchy and irritated, the ibuprofen reduces swelling and inflammation, helping them itch less. The more you avoid scratching a bite, the more quickly it will heal and disappear.

So plan ahead, and enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer without chiggers and mosquitoes joining the party.

Strive to be healthy!