CSAIt’s very interesting that the better we feel, the more we take things for granted. For instance, we’re feeling great because we recently lost a few pounds, so we think one small piece of cake won’t hurt. Or, we’ve been exercising an hour per day for the last week, so what can it hurt to take some time off? Or, we’re making healthy lunches every day, what’s wrong with having fast food one day?

There really is nothing wrong with these things, as long as we don’t break our routine permanently or stop practicing a habit we developed. When I get in this mindset of “what can it hurt,” it’s easy to find myself eating the wrong foods and exercising less, resulting in a lack of energy and other annoying symptoms.

When we don’t feel well, it’s bothersome and we’re more apt to work to improve our health. But, feeling good is just as risky because we lose the urgency to care for ourselves … thinking a little slip won’t matter.

It takes discipline to be healthy and feel well. Part of that discipline is developing a routine and making things more convenient. This certainly makes it easier to keep going on the healthful lifestyle track.

Here are some tips I use:

  1. I schedule my work out time. This time appears on my calendar just like any other appointment. This helps me keep the time free and not double-book myself. Otherwise, I always think I’ll get to it later … and I never do.
  2. I spend Sunday afternoons preparing food for the week. Whether I make a huge broccoli salad, a large serving of quinoa, or a mixture of black bean salsa, I strive to have things ready to eat when I’m in a hurry. Then, I can get up in the morning and have quinoa as a breakfast cereal – or scramble some eggs and dump black bean salsa on top, or grab a serving of broccoli salad to take for lunch.
  3. I keep vitamins handy in the kitchen. Having them some place where I see them all the time helps me remember to take them. I drink a lot of water … so as I’m standing at the sink getting a glass before going to bed, I reach over and grab the vitamins I need to take. They’re hard to ignore if staring me in the face.
  4. Speaking of drinking water. I keep a glass at work on my desk at all times. It’s not one of those plastic glasses, but a nice amber colored antique glass my mother gave me. Once I drink all in it, I refill it right away, so it’s ready to go.
  5. I also subscribe by email and through facebook to several healthful sites: One Green Planet, Full Plate Living, and Natural News to name a few. There are great cooking tips, exercise ideas, and general ways to keep us feeling great. (It’s also not necessary to subscribe to sites that charge a fee. Find sites that work for you, but are offered for free – they’re out there and available).

Once we reach a point of feeling good and maintaining healthful habits, it’s much easier to remain there instead of trying to regroup and start over. So make a plan, develop a routine, and stick to it.

Strive to be healthy!

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